Windows 11 users discover controversial new design detail

When Windows 11 was revealed last month, it seems fair to say users weren’t blown away. Many feel the UI is a flat-out copy of macOS, and others are unhappy with design touches such as the Start menu being moved to the centre of the screen. And now, users have spotted another surprise detail – and it might just be the most sacrilegious yet.

Nobody wants to see the ‘Blue Screen of Death’, the error page that means something’s really (really) wrong with your PC. But at 30 years old, the BSOD has reached an almost affectionate level of infamy, to the point that its shock departure from Windows 11 has users feeling a little, well, blue. Because what use is one of the best laptops for graphic design if it doesn’t feature a blue screen telling you you’ve just lost all your work?

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