Turn your iPhone into an iPod Classic with this delightful web app

If, like us, you’ve found yourself yearning for simpler times over the past year, then this could be the web app for you. Someone has created an iPod Classic-themed web app for your smartphone, click wheel and all, and it works with both Apple Music and Spotify.

Thanks to one frontend software developer, all you have to do is point your smartphone to one URL, and you can relive those halcyon days before Apple unceremoniously ditched the iPod Classic in 2014. All of the best camera phones might be able to play music, but to they conjure the same warm nostalgia as using a click wheel? Exactly.

iPod web app

(Image credit: Tanner Villarette)

Tanner Villarete has recreated the look of the iPod Classic in silver, black and even the famous black-and-red U2 edition. The iPod’s UI has been faithfully recreated, and the web app even includes the retro Brick game that came pre-loaded on the iPod itself.

One of the best features of the web app is the classic Cover Flow view, which lets you flip through a jukebox-inspired scroll of your favourite albums. To log into your preferred music service, all you have to do is spin your way to settings using the virtual click wheel, and select Sign in.

iPod click wheel

How we’ve missed you, click wheel (Image credit: Future)

Sadly, the iPod Classic met an untimely demise in 2014, which, according to Tim Cook, was because the company simply couldn’t source the parts anymore. While the iPod Touch is clinging on for dear life (and is even rumoured to be getting an update soon), we’d love to see the classic design make a comeback – if just for nostalgic reasons.

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