This secret Google Sheets Pride hack will brighten up your day

Google loves an Easter Egg, and is known to hide all manner of weird and wonderful visual treats on its homepage (just try Googling ‘DVD screensaver’). But the latest surprise is hiding on a platform not exactly known for its fun or indeed colourful aesthetic. We are, believe it or not, talking about Google Sheets.

In honour of Pride month, Google has added a delightful hack to help you inject a little life into your spreadsheets (now there’s a sentence). Simply type PRIDE across the first five rows of a sheet, and the whole thing will turn into a colourful rainbow. Check out our best web design tools if you fancy creating a similar Easter Egg.

Google Sheets Pride Easter egg

Google’s new Easter egg in action (Image credit: Future)

Who knew spreadsheets could be so fun, right? Twitter users have been loving the hack, and many have spotted that it works in other languages, and even formulae. Watch your back, PS5 – Google Sheets may have just become the most visually impressive tool in town. 

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