This 3D paint is the new art supply you need to see (and touch)

It’s not that often that we get to play around with completely new art mediums here on Creative Bloq. Once you’ve tried the ‘basics’ –  oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and pencils, it’s easy to think there won’t be much more to experiment with. That’s why we were intrigued to find out about Gaffrey Art Material, a heavy textured acrylic paint that allows you to create an artwork like you would ice a cake – with a piping bag.

We gave one of the paint kits a go – the Monstera Plant acrylic paint kit, and while we can’t say that what we ended up with exactly matches the picture we were aiming for, it’s not far off, and we definitely had fun trying. As a medium, it seems up there with some of the best art supplies around.

Gaffrey Art Material acrylics - painted sculpture

(Image credit: Gaffrey Art Material)

Justin Gaffrey and his children, Justin Jr and Aria, set out to create a heavy texture acrylic that would give a sculptural look without needing any extra gels or other materials. After initially partnering with paint manufacturers unsuccessfully, they began to make the paint themselves in their Florida studio, and launched Gaffrey Art Material in June 2020.

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