The North Face ditches atom logo after fierce dispute

Apparel brand The North Face has discontinued its use of the atom-like motif that was hotly contested by street artist Futura in January of this year. The controversial design formerly appeared on The North Face’s 2019 range of waterproof clothing, named ‘FUTURELIGHT’, not to mention in a $20 million advertising campaign. 

According to the lawsuit filed by Futura, the North Face’s choice of name and ‘almost identical logo’, ‘purposefully invoked [Futura] in order to suggest an association with him’. Perhaps The North Face should have looked elsewhere for logo design inspiration, because the brand has now ditched the design out of “respect to the artist”.

The North Face vs Futura

The two logos, side-by-side (Image credit: U.S District Court in the Central District of California)

The NorthFace released a statement on its website to explain the decision, stating that “while The North Face is confident there has been no infringement in this case, we are committed to supporting creative artists and their communities. 

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