The birds are sitting on a wall pencil sketch for beginners

Today we are going to make The birds are sitting on a wall. Birds fly in the sky. They build nests. They fly in the air with the help of their wings. Here we will tell you step by step today’s drawing.


Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time. The bird’s are sitting on wall.

Step 1:


In the first step, we will start drawing with a raw pencil. The name of the pencil we are using here is (Zoom ultimate dark). Using this pencil we will first build the wall. To build the wall, we will draw a line of 15 cm and we will draw seven lines below this line. We will put small lines from the top to the bottom of these lines which will be called bricks in the wall. In this way our wall will be drawn.


Step 2:

In the second step, we will make a tree on the left side of the wall we made. Then we will make branches on this tree. Make leaves on these branches. Which will enhance the beauty of this tree.


Step 3:


In the third step we will make two bird’s after sitting on the wall facing the tree. Draw a bird on a tree branch and draw a bird flying from a tree branch. Darken the birds and tree branches using a raw pencil to beautify the image. Our today’s drawing is complete as you saw in the title the birds sitting on the wall.

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