The best monitors for MacBook Pro in 2021

Before buying one of the best monitors for MacBook Pro, you’ll need to look out for two key things. The first is superb colour accuracy and image quality, to match the displays of Apple’s laptops; and USB-C connectivity, so you can plug using a single cable, and charge your MacBook Pro while doing so. While pretty much any screen on the planet will work with a MacBook Pro, to be one of the very best buys – and good enough for this list – we’ve looked for monitors with that little bit extra.

The best monitors for MacBook Pro should offer the same advantages that the laptops themselves do: easy to use, reliable, flexible, and top quality. We’re looking for wide colour gamuts, high resolution for the size, adjustable ergonomics for comfortable working, and great connectivity that means you can use the screen as an easy USB or Thunderbolt hub. Of course, all of that will be balanced with price – we’ve got options from the best budget MacBook Pro monitor up to more elite models (and they do get very elite!)

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