The best monitors for Mac Mini in 2021

When looking at the best monitors for Mac mini, you can really drill down and choose something that suits exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for the best monitor for Mac mini M1 or for the Intel version, we’ve got a great range of displays to help you pick the right one (or two).

Since the Mac mini has no display of its own, unlike the iMac M1 or iMac 27-inch, you can really drill down and focus on just getting a display that meets your specific needs, whether that’s size, shape, resolution, colour support or budget. As our Mac mini M1 review points out, the mini is the lowest-priced way to get yourself a powerful new Mac, and that means you can be flexible – you could buy low-priced screens to keep your overall budget down, or you could put the saved money into a screen with even better performance.

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