Surprise M1 iMac design flaw spotted – is yours affected?

We were blown away by the design of the new 2021 iMac when Apple revealed it back in April. The colourful aesthetic is a delightful throwback to the company’s quirky desktops of yore, but with a sleek and contemporary profile. But a potential manufacturing error has some iMac owners less than impressed.

It seems some 2021 iMacs have been shipping with a slightly crooked mount, meaning the display is not perfectly aligned. ‘Not perfectly designed’ is, of course, very un-Apple – and a tilted screen isn’t what we expect from one of the best computers for graphic design.

2021 iMac

The new 2021 iMac (Image credit: Apple)

In his video review of the M1 iMac (below), YouTuber iPhonedo reveals that his display arrived slightly tilted to one side, a disparity he was able to confirm using a ruler. And iPhonedo isn’t alone – users have also taken to both Reddit (below) and even Apple’s own support forums to complain of slightly wonky displays (cue endless ‘Tim Crooked’ jokes).

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