Stunning new iPad Air could borrow the iPad Pro’s best feature

We were blown away by the new iPad Air when it was revealed last September. The all-screen design brought it in line with the iPad Pro, and the super-powerful processor led us to speculate that it could even make the Pro redundant. Subsequent iPad Pro updates have softened that line of thought – but the Air could come back swinging in 2022.

According to new reports, Apple is working on a new iPad Air featuring a super-bright OLED display, and it could arrive as soon as next year. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is currently the only Apple tablet with an LED display, but a more affordable model could be a shoo-in for our best drawing tablets roundup.

iPad Pro M1 2021

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the only current model featuring an LED display (Image credit: Apple)

According to The Elec (as spotted by MacRumors), Apple’s next iPad Air will be the company’s first ever OLED tablet (the iPad Pro features a mini-LED display, which is a little more expensive to produce). And as anyone who’s experienced the larger M1 iPad Pro will attest, it’s a vast improvement on traditional LCD displays, offering much higher contrast and brightness. Check out our M1 iPad Pro 12.9-inch review for the lowdown on the Pro.

iPad Air (2020) review

We were already seriously impressed by the 2020 iPad Air (Image credit: Apple)

The new OLED display is said to be 10.86-inches (the same size as the current iPad Air), and is said to feature “thin-film encapsulation” tech, which “stacks organic material and inorganic material in alternatively in layers to protect the organic material from water and oxygen”. Basically, it’s strong.

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