Scintillating new optical illusion is out of this world

Most optical illusions have been around for a while, though that often does nothing to dampen their appeal. But every now and again a new one comes along, and this latest example is scintillating – by both name and nature.

Developed by a visual artist with a background in neuroscience, the illusion – titled Scintillating Starburst (not to be confused with everyone’s favourite chewy sweets) – features a simple geometric pattern on a plain background. But look closely, and the chances are you can see a series of dazzling white rays emanating from the centre. Like all the best optical illusions, it proves that your eyes can sometimes very much deceive you.

optical illusion

(Image credit: Michael Karlovich)

Now, you don’t need us to tell you that said white rays aren’t really there. But they’re impossible to unsee – and the effect is only heightened when the design starts spinning (above).

optical illusion

How the design was constructed (Image credit: i-Perception)

Michael Karlovich created the image as the logo for his design company, Recursia Studios, and realised he had stumbled upon a brand new optical illusion. “When I first saw the illusion I created, I instantly had a hunch I was looking at an effect I had never seen before,” Karlovich told our sister site, Live Science. “I was pleasantly surprised, but ultimately confused as to what the mechanism underlying the effect could be.”

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