Okay, this retro optical illusion might be the best we’ve seen

We’ll always have time for a new optical illusion. And if it’s particularly good, we’ll always have time for an old one too. Here’s an example that falls squarely into that category – and is currently blowing minds on Twitter.

A clip has resurfaced from 1970s Australian TV hit The Curiosity Show in which the presenter demonstrates an illusion known as the Ames Window. When the ‘window’ shape is rotated, it appears to oscillate back and forth rather than spinning a full 360 degrees (it’s hard to explain – just watch it below). And like all the best optical illusions, it’s got pretty much everyone baffled.

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Things get even weirder when the host inserts a pen into the shape. The pen appears to spin, but the window structure looks as though it is literally passing through it entirely. Like, you know, magic.

Optical illusion

Things get weirder when the pen gets involved (Image credit: The Curiosity Show)

And it seems that five decades later, the illusion has lost none of its bamboozling appeal, with the clip currently having been viewed over 2M times. “REALITY IS A LIE GENERATED BY MY BRAIN,” one user exclaims, while another simply adds, “insert sound of brain exploding here”.

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