Nvidia’s mind-blowing new Canvas app turns your doodles into masterpieces

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your landscape drawings don’t look quite the same on paper as they did in your head, Nvidia’s new app could be for you. The free tool uses AI to convert doodles into photorealistic landscapes, and the results are seriously impressive. 

Canvas uses the company’s GauGAN tech to transform rough brushstrokes into lifelike images. The deep machine learning can turn blobs into rocks and squiggles into clouds, and we can see it becoming one of the most useful examples of 3D modelling software for digital artists. 

Nvidia Canvas

Spot the difference (Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia says Canvas “lets creators paint by material rather than colour, using AI to turn brushstrokes into lifelike images.” And artists don’t have to wait to see the finished result, Canvas will display it in real time. This means a tiny change can have a dramatic impact on the finished result – for example, “changing snow to grass, and the entire image changes from a winter wonderland to a tropical paradise.”

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