Justin Bieber accused of copying Justice album art

From Kanye vs Walmart to Chanel vs Huawei, We’ve seen plenty of logo disputes over the years, and the latest character seeking justice is, er, Justice. The French electronic music duo has accused teeny-bopper Justin Bieber of stealing its logo – and we can see the similarity.

The title treatment for Bieber’s sixth album, Justice, features a large ‘T’, designed to resemble a cross. The title treatment for Justice the band features a large ‘T’, designed to resemble a cross (you see where we’re going with this). Neither are among the best logos of all time, but they’re certainly alike.

Justin Bieber Justice logo

Is this the moment Justin realised the logos were so similar? (Image credit: Justin Bieber/Justice/Future owns)

There are some notable differences between the designs. The French duo’s logo is rendered in a more decorative, bone-like style, whereas Bieber’s is a much sharper, bolder and more jagged affair. But there’s no mistaking the key feature of each – that cross-shaped ‘T’.

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