If Apple’s next iPad mini looks like this, we’re sold

If there’s one Apple product that’s due a design refresh, it’s the poor old iPad mini. Last updated in 2019 (with a design from 2015), it’s fair to say that the tiny tablet is looking a little long in the tooth. Many were hoping to see an update during last week’s WWDC event, only to be disappointed. But it seems a new iPad mini could indeed be on the horizon.

According to Apple leaker Jon Prosser, the iPad mini 6 will finally shed the old design in favour of a favour of an iPad Pro-inspired edge-to-edge display. It seems one of our favourite iPad mini concepts from last year could soon become a reality – and it could well become the first iPad Mini to bag a spot on our best drawing tablets list. 

ipad mini

A new render of the rumoured iPad mini 6 (Image credit: Front Page Tech)

According to Prosser’s new Front Page Tech site, the iPad mini is “set to receive the flat treatment, getting the very familiar flat sides and back, as we’ve seen with almost every new Apple product recently”. As Prosser puts it, the diminutive new device will be like an iPad Air 4 – but smaller.

And intriguingly, Prosser also claims that a new Apple Pencil could be on the way too – specifically a smaller model designed just for the iPad mini. While the iPad mini 5 uses the Apple Pencil 1, which connects via the Lighting port, the Apple Pencil 2, designed to snap to the side of the device, could be a little too tall for the mini. With that in mind, a shorter Pencil could make sense. And as we know, Apple has form when it comes to introducing new, expensive iPad accessories – that Magic Keyboard ain’t cheap.

iPad mini

Are we also getting a new Apple Pencil? (Image credit: Front Page Tech)

Prosser’s concept looks just like Parker Ortolani’s brilliant iPad mini 6 concept from last year – by which we mean a mini-er iPad Pro. Indeed, an iPad like this could be the ultimate toteable tablet for graphic designers on the move.

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