How to draw romantic couple under love

How to draw romantic couple under love

How to draw romantic couple under love: love is a feeling, passion, adoption, happiness, these are the words that make love. Love is a feeling that can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, anywhere. Because it has no conditions, no restrictions, no coercion. So he is the beautiful man of the world. Our world revolves around this one man. Everything feels good with him. Everything is incomplete without him.

Today we are going to make a picture of a couple.


Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time.How to draw romantic couple under love



Step 1:


In the first phase, we will create an environment where a boy is proposing to a girl. Here we will first create a tree with long branches, a girl standing under the tree and a boy sitting on his knees below who is giving her flowers.
Look at the picture below to draw like this.





Step 2:


In the second step we will finish our picture using raw pencil and red color to make it look even more beautiful.
As you can see in the title.
Any image is incomplete without colors so we will complete your image the way you see in the image below.



This was today’s beautiful drawing in which a boy and a girl are drawn where the boy is apropos the girl in a beautiful and interesting way.I hope you enjoyed my drawing.
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This beautiful drawing will definitely be drawn.

Drawing is not that difficult, it just requires a little bit of attention.
I hope you understand me. Whatever you do, work hard, do it with all your heart. Hard work never goes in vain.