How to draw peacock step by step

The peacock is a beautiful animal that children and young people love. Peacocks come in a variety of colors: green, white, black, and blue. They have a long tail behind them. On top of this long tail are beautiful feathers of different colors. The peacock looks so beautiful because of these wings. The peacock spreads its wings and dances. She dances in such a way that everyone stops to watch her dance. The peacock is a very innocent animal kept in houses. Today’s drawing is of a peacock. Today we will teach you step by step how to make a peacock.


Let’s start today’s drawing. How to draw a peacock step by step.


Step 1:


First we will cut the tip with a raw pencil to make our picture beautiful. Then we will start with the beak of the peacock, make its beak and make a crown on its head. Then we will make the rest of his body, we will make his claws. It is said that peacocks do not like their claws because they detract from their beauty.


Step 2:


In the second stage, we will make a tail of it, we will make a long tail and we will make a beautiful one on top of it. All the beauty of the peacock is due to its feathers. So it is important to make it beautiful.


Step 3:


In the third step we will give it a final look as you saw in the title. Today’s drawing is how to draw a peacock. This will be done using a raw pencil to darken its wings, its beak and its claws. Our drawing today is complete.