How to draw butterfly in girl hand | How to draw

How to draw butterfly in girl hand

How to draw butterfly in girl hand : Butterflies are very beautiful, very delicate, very cute, flying from here to there. Sometimes on one flower, sometimes on another flower. Girls and butterflies are alike, delicate chirping happy.
In today’s drawing, we are going to make such a picture. In today’s picture, we will teach you how to make a butterfly in a girl’s hand.


Let’s start with beautiful drawings. How to draw a butterfly in girl hand


Step 1:


Let’s start with the first hand to draw a line like I have drawn so that our picture can be beautifully formed.
The tip of your pencil should be thin. This makes the drawing beautiful because the line looks thin.




Step 2:


In the second stage we will complete the hand and make the fingers. We will make the hand very beautifully because the hands of girls are very sweet.
See in the picture below.




Step 3:


Now we will make a butterfly on the top of the hand in such a way that a butterfly is coming out of a girl’s hand.
This is how this beautiful butterfly will look in the picture given by me.




Step 4:


In the fourth step, we will color our picture with a raw pencil. Something to make it look even more beautiful.
Because beautiful things look better. See the picture below.




Step 5:


Now it is the turn of the fifth and final stage in which we will show you the final look of our picture, what it looks like after our drawing is completed.
See what it looks like when it’s done in the image below.





This was today’s beautiful drawing. I hope you have understood it. I try my best to draw in a simple and easy way so that you can draw and then give me your opinion.