How to draw bird’s got freedom from the cage

How to draw bird's got freedom from the cage

How to draw bird’s got freedom from the cage: Who doesn’t like freedom? Whether it is a human being, an animal, or a bird, everyone wants to be free. No one likes to be in captivity. Birds are especially sad when they see their fellow birds flying.
It is the nature of birds to spread their wings in the open sky and to imprison them means to oppress them, to forbid them from flying, to ban them. Birds fly in the sky all day long in search of food. From here to there they return to their nests as soon as evening falls. Birds do not store their food but leave their nests every morning in search of food.
Sometimes they come back and sometimes they are imprisoned. Today we draw and show you how happy the birds are.



Let’s start today’s drawing. How to draw bird’s got freedom from the cage



Step 1 of Cute Girl drawing


In the first step, we will draw the whole picture. First, we will make a tree and make its branches which you are seeing in the picture below.
Then make a rope in this way and make a cage with it and finally make a bird and leave the cage door open which will show that the birds are coming out of the cage and freeing.






Step 2 of Girl Drawing



As you saw in the first step, we have drawn the picture and our picture is very beautiful.
Now we will make your picture more beautiful by using raw pencil. We will show you the final look. See how beautiful our picture is in the picture below.





The thing that Allah Almighty has given to her is the one that looks good and at the same time she is happy.
Allah Almighty has given the birds the right to fly freely. They cannot survive in captivity.
Therefore, we request you not to imprison the birds.