how to draw anime girl step by step

how to draw anime girl step by step

how to draw anime girl step by step: today we will draw an anime girl who looks very beautiful wearing a hat. This is the character that is being drawn so much. Today’s picture is of a beautiful girl who looks a bit like wearing a hat. I try to show you how to make a simple and beautiful drawing so that you can easily understand and then draw yourself.
As today I will teach you how to draw anime girls step by step.


So let’s start today’s drawing without wasting to draw anime girl


Step 1:



In the first step, we will first cut the tip of the raw pencil and then make the face of this beautiful girl.
As you can see in the picture below. Shape the face and make a hat on the head.




Step 2:


In the second step, we will complete the girl’s face and start making hair together. As you can see in the title we are making an anime girl so anime girl is such a beautiful girl.





Step 3:


In the third stage, the hair will be completed and the image of this beautiful girl will be completely drawn.
See how this girl with thick eyes and beautiful hair on her head looks in the picture below.





Step 4:


In the fourth step we will give it a final look. Which we will use an only raw pencils.See what you see in this picture.



Step 5:



In the fifth step, we will show you how beautiful this picture looks after its completion. Here’s how to draw an anime girl step by step. See the full look in the image below.







This is our beautiful drawing today where we told you how to draw anime girl eyes then we told you how to draw anime girl hair.