How to draw a sad girl for beginners

How to draw a sad girl for beginners

How to draw a sad girl for beginners: Today’s drawing is of a sad girl who looks very sad.When it comes to life, there are definitely joys and sorrows, without which life cannot be complete.Life is the name of sorrow.How grateful we are when we are happy and how patient we are when we are sad.


Let’s see how girls look sad.
How do you feel when tears come out?


Let’s move on to today’s drawing. How to draw a sad girl for beginners¬†


Step 1:


In the first step, we will measure the line well with the scale and make a beautiful girl’s face.
We will complete this picture step by step and show the whole step.





Step 2:


In the second stage, after making the mouth, we will clean the red line.The lines were drawn just to make the face look good.
See in the picture.



Step 3:


In the third stage, we will make the beautiful eyes that are very sad with tears coming out.
Make the eye very thick and beautiful in the way shown in the picture below.



Step 4:


In the fourth step we will complete our picture as you saw in the title how to draw a sad girl.
Something like I’m looking at you in this fourth stage picture.




Step 5:



In the fifth and final step, we will dye the hair a little black with a raw pencil and then make tears in this beautiful thick eye that you are looking at in this way.
Look at the picture below.




This was our beautiful drawing of today how to draw a sad girl.
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