How to draw a Lion easy pencil sketch

The lion is the king of the forest. The whole government in the forest is of the lion. All animals are afraid of lions. No one can stand in front of the lion because of its power and terror. It hunts all animals. Its food is meat. It hunts other animals to feed itself. In today’s drawing we will teach you step by step how to make a lion.


Let’s start today’s drawing. How to draw a lion easy pencil sketch.


Step 1:


In the first step, we will sharpen the tip by cutting a raw pencil before starting the drawing. A raw pencil is used for drawing, so its tip must be fine. First we will draw the face of a lion, a face full of terror that can frighten anyone. We will make her eyes, make her nose, make big hair on her head.


Step 2:


In the second stage, we will make the rest of the body. It is thick and fresh. Now we will make his legs. They will make tails, they will make hair on the body, then they will make feet.


Step 3:


In the third step, we will give the final look to our drawing. As you can see in the title our today’s drawing is how to draw a lion. Using a raw pencil we will darken our drawing to make it look more beautiful. We will darken his skin, darken his tail. Our drawing today is complete.

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