How to draw a girl with guitar for beginners

How to draw a girl with guitar for beginners

How to draw a girl with guitar for beginners: Everyone loves music. Music frees a person from tension.
Our picture today is similar. Girls love music. She listens to music when she is sad and listens to music when she is happy. Today’s girl drawing is of a girl holding a guitar in her hand and feeling its melody.

Have you ever noticed that there is music in all the natural things? For example, in the thunder of the clouds, in the raindrops, in the movement of the wind, in the falling of the water, There is special music in all these things, feel it and try it.

There is something in today’s picture that shows an atmosphere where a girl is feeling the music.


Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time.


Step 1_how to draw a girl


First we will draw such a line with the help of scale and triangle.
And make a circle at the top.
See it in the picture below.

Let’s see if we can draw a thin line like I did.



Step 2 of  How to draw a girl with guitar for beginners


In the second step, we will make the girl’s face and make a guitar in her hand.
As we mentioned in the title.
This is how we will make it.




Step 3_how to draw girl Dress



Now it is the turn of the beautiful dress of the girl which is a frock which she is hanging down.
This is how we draw.






Step 4_ beautiful girl final look



Now look at the final look of this beautiful picture, how it looks after it is ready.
See how beautiful this drawing is in the picture below.





This is our beautiful drawing of today. I hope you enjoyed it.
Today I have taught you how to draw a girl with guitar.

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