How to draw a girl wearing hat step by step

Every girl wants to look more beautiful than other girls. She works hard for it. Today’s drawing is of a stylish girl wearing a hat.


Let’s start today’s drawing. How to draw a girl wearing hat step by step.


Step 1:


In the first stage we start today’s drawing. For this we will use a raw pencil. Here we are making half a picture of a girl wearing a hat. We will start with her beautiful and thick eyes. They will make eyes. Then they will make nose very thin and high nose then they will make lips. Now we will make her beautiful hair which she has left open.


Step 2:


Now in the second step we will make a big and beautiful hat on the head of this beautiful girl. For this we will make a circle and after making a hat we will make a rose flower on it.


Step 3:


In the third step we will give our today’s drawing how to draw a girl wearing hat using a raw pencil to give it a final look. Then our picture is complete.

If you like today’s drawing, try it.Because this drawing is made in a very simple way.