How to draw a girl taking a selfie step by step

How to draw a girl taking a selfie step by step

How to draw a girl taking a selfie step by step: Today’s picture is very beautiful. I hope you will like it very much, so let’s start without talking about today’s picture.


Step 1_How to draw a girl taking a selfie_ step by step 


In the first stage, we will draw a beautiful girl who is making a picture for mobile in her hand.
Today’s young generation cannot live without photography. A picture is a must anywhere, in any situation. Expensive mobile phones are being bought for these good pictures so that the pictures look beautiful.

First, we will make the girl’s face, then the hair, then her body, and the mobile in her hand in the way you see in the picture below.




After making the picture in the first stage as you can see, we will complete it in the next stage so that you can understand it better.



Step 2:


In the second step, we will show the final look with a raw pencil, how beautiful this picture is and what it looks like when it is ready. See the picture below.




This is our picture for today. I hope you like it.
As you can see in the title, a girl taking a selfie.
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So you can learn such beautiful drawings and we can teach you.
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This drawing is for those who are very fond of making pictures and they do not miss any chance to make pictures.
In this photo, a beautiful girl is taking a selfie in a very beautiful way.

This picture is drawn as if this girl is standing in front of the mirror and taking selfie from the mobile in the mirror.