How to draw a cute kitty in a cup step by step

How to draw a cute kitty in a cup

How to draw a cute kitty in a cup :In today’s drawing we will draw a cute kitty in a cup. So here we will tell you step by step how we will draw it.

But Cats are very naughty, sometimes mischievous. Sometimes they are so cute that it makes them want to play with them.
Today’s drawing is of a kitty in a cup and looking at it in a mischievous way.

We teach you to draw different pictures on this page.
For example: how to draw anime girl? how to draw natural views? how to draw pencil sketch? how to draw step by step?

But Drawing is not difficult, just requires a little attention, then you can easily draw anything.

Let’s start today’s drawing. How to draw a cute kitty in a cup step by step 

Step 1 of How to draw a cute kitty in a cup 

So in this drawing we draw any picture with a pencil on a white paper that looks good to us. But In the first step, we will draw a pencil and show you a cute kitty sitting in a cup.
Then we will start drawing in this way, first we will make the cup by making the shape of the cup, After that we will make the face of the kitty and draw the whole picture as you can see in the picture below.

See in this picture we will draw the cup and kitty in this way. To do this kind of drawing, it is necessary to sharpen the tip by cutting the pencil.

Step 2 of Cat Drawing

In the second step, we will give a final look to our drawing using a pencil. How is our drawing today and what does it look like after it is completed?

See the picture below for the full picture.

This is our drawing for today. I hope you like it very much. If you like the picture, please like our page and support us. So that we can draw such a picture for you to see that How to draw a cute.