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Creating engaging animated shows can be time consuming, prohibitively expensive and technically challenging, which is why it’s so refreshing to see successes, especially with kids shows. Children can be the harshest critics and with so many options to hand flicking away from the ones that don’t interest them is an easy fix.

Youtube is a prime candidate for content paralysis, where audiences are confronted with such a vast quantity to choose from, that the quality really needs to stand out (barring unboxing and cat videos of course). PowerUp Kids is one of the shows on Youtube which has turned a simple musical children’s show into something polished and well produced, serving up a fantastic 2D short form show that’s supported by some cutting edge software tools.

The winning combination of animation and music has been put together using Reallusion’s Cartoon Animator 4, which empower’s artists and creators with a suite of tools that support fast turnaround without making any compromises to quality. Motion resources for all

powerup kids

Animations can be created using pre-existing motion resources, for a more efficient workflow. (Image credit: power up kids)

Motion resources for all

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