Baby Kitten inside basket pencil drawing

Baby Kitten inside basket pencil drawing: Cats are beautiful. This is a pet and people love it. They keep it in their houses. Today’s drawing is Kitten inside the basket.


Let’s start today’s drawing without wasting time. Baby Kitten inside basket pencil drawing.


Step 1:


Here, in the first step, we will make the first basket using a raw pencil. The basket will contain Kitten. This basket has a handle on the top with a beautiful flower on it.


Step 2:


In the second step, we will make a cute kitty inside the basket. Which is lying comfortably inside the basket. how To draw a kitty, first draw her little ears, then her cute mouth, cute eyes, and little nose. Then we will make the hand with which he is holding the basket. We will draw her body in this way that she is lying in the basket. By doing this method, it will become a picture of our kitty.


Step 3:


In the third step, we will complete our drawing using a raw pencil. Darken the basket and give your image the final look as you saw in the title baby Kitten inside basket pencil drawing.

This is our drawing for today. I hope you like it. If you like my drawing today, be sure to draw it.

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