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Anime girl drawing: Today we are going to draw an anime girl. This is an art in which different characters are drawn. Here we are talking about an anime girl with big eyes and beautiful hair. This includes characters who are very cute, whether it is a girl or a boy. Here we will draw step by step in front of you and tell you how to draw anime.

Step 1_Anime girl drawing.

In the first stage, we will make the first head to make this beautiful girl for whom we will make a circle.
In this art, if the face and head of the anime girl are big, we will draw a circle keeping the same point in front.
As you can see in the picture.





Step 2_how to draw anime face.

In the second stage, we start making the face of this beautiful girl. This will draw a line as you see in the picture.You will often see this character in cartoons. By drawing this way you can create any character.
The character you like, whether it’s a boy or a girl.






Step 3_how to draw anime eyes


In the third stage, we will make the eyes of this beautiful girl. Those eyes which are very thick and beautiful are very attractive. Thick eyes add to the beauty. Take a look at the picture below.




Step 4_how to draw anime hair


In the fourth step, we will make hair, in which we will make hair that looks like a beautiful girl with her hair tied.
See in this picture we will drop the hair on the forehead and apply ponytail to the back hair in this way.

It looks even more beautiful in this hairstyle.



Step 5_anime drawing


In the fifth step, we will give the final look to this beautiful girl.And let us tell you how beautiful this drawing of ours will be. See in the picture below.







Step 6_anime girl drawing_final look


Now that we have finished, we give you a final look at how beautiful our picture is today.A beautiful girl with big eyes, beautiful hair and a cute face. She stands to one side and looks beautiful.





This is our beautiful picture of today that you saw in the title anime girl drawing.You have been told step by step how to draw this beautiful picture.Hope you enjoyed today’s drawing.
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