Amazon Prime Day’s Apple deals are ending tonight! Last chance to save on MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and more

Amazon Prime Day Apple deals

With just hours to go, the Amazon Prime Day Apple deals are almost over. We’re seeing offers on a range of Apple kit across the US and UK, and many of them are available to non-Amazon Prime Day members. Prime Day ends tonight (it’s actually a two-day event, despite the name), so there’s not long left to take advantage of all the deals on iPads, Apple Watch 6, MacBook Pros and iPhone 12s. 

When it comes to these Apple deals, it’s worth noting that what we’ve counted as ‘Prime Day Apple deal’ covers quite a broad remit. Some of the offers listed below aren’t from Amazon at all, and some are on Amazon, but they’re not just for Prime Day members, which means they should hopefully carry on when Prime Day is over (though we wouldn’t recommend taking your chances!). Hopefully that means you’ll have more of a chance of finding a deal that suits you. 

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